New Boss Denies Employee Promised Salary, Employee Gets the Last Laugh

Don't mess with the social media manager if you want your social media to look good. That's what one trendy dentist's office did with their newly hired social media person, and like a tooth, things got sore pretty quickly. I guess even doctors can be bad bosses

After accepting the well-paying position, the dentist's office's new social media manager quickly realized that while their work was piling on, none of it was the legal paperwork required to make sure they got paid. After pressing their new managers, the front desk denied having ever agreed on the salary, despite emails to the contrary. The dentist, as I'm sure he did during actual medical school, claimed ignorance. 

Citing lofty gas and toll prices, the new employee decided to quit; having yet to see a dime. But while the battle for payment rages on, the employee remains in possession of the company phone with all of their work as a bargaining tool. And as one Redditor commented on the story, “Seems like a golden opportunity to drag them on social media.”

Spurred on by commenters, the employee sounds ready to make their move. "I think it's pretty [messed up] on his end to [mess with] a social media person." Who knew getting money from a dentist would be like pulling teeth?

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