'Fired If I Don't Work That Day?": Oil Rig Worker Calls Their Bad Boss' Bluff and Quits

When an employee lands a new job, that usually means they're not coming back.

Working a brutal six days on, two days off schedule, one oil rig employee couldn't wait to take some time off for the upcoming holiday season. Luckily for him, his two days off fell perfectly on December 24th and 25th, with no wiggling required. Using his experience on the rig, he also found replacements for the days around Christmas, adding up to a whopping six days off. 

Growing ever more excited to spend time with his wife and family, it soon became too good to be true when his jealous supervisor was unable to orchestrate a similar situation for himself. "No days off," he proclaimed out of jealousy, informing his worker that taking any days in addition to the 24th and the 25th would result in his firing.

With another job in the works should he want it, the employee told his boss that he would be taking his days, and not coming back. More than a month later, working at his new job, he found out that his old boss had been working a man down in hopes of his return. Sounds like that threat of a firing was smoke and mirrors!

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