Overlapping Histories: Moments in History People Don’t Realize Happened At the Same Time

Wanna feel your brain break?

Growing up as we learn history in school we tend to compartmentalize certain events in our brains but when you sit down and think of the timeline, a lot of wild things have happened in history parallel to one another. The biggest example of this that continues to boggle the minds of people online is the fact that civil rights activist, Martin Luther King Jr and WWII diarist, Anne Frank were both born in 1929. My personal favorite is the fact that at the time of her death civil rights icon, Rosa Parks could have watched Shrek. And I really hope she did.

One user decided to ask Reddit what other overlapping histories boggle people’s minds once they learn them. With over two thousand responses, my brain needed to take a break after realizing there is a man in the current U.S. Senate who is older than chocolate chips.

Get comfortable and have a Google tab open for the impending search rabbit hole after learning these bizarre historical facts. 

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