Panera Karen Forces Worker to Write Down Her Ridiculously Specific and Impossible Order

When the Panera employee u/akiraeijisun was forced to deal with an infuriatingly specific and unruly customer, they took to the Panera Bread subreddit to vent about the experience. "Told her we couldn't mod duets but she made me write it down," Akria wrote, before sharing a picture of a napkin with the order messily scribbled on it. 

The post received over 1,000 upvotes, and people were understandably puzzled by the peculiar order. "The best part about this is she wants a slice of bagel instead of the baguette," u/writingmywaythrough joked. But while the Panera Karen's order was funny, the way she interacted with the Panera staff wasn't. In a long comment on the post, Akira shared that the woman berated, and gaslit staff into getting what she wanted, despite being informed multiple times that her order was impossible to input due to Panera's corporate policy on substitutions. Among her outbursts was an insistence that she didn't, did, and then didn't want the ham on her sandwich. (Her napkin clearly stated that she did not.)

"She was one of the most terrifying and intimidating women I have ever met, and I hope to never see her again," Akira wrote. "You wouldn't understand unless you saw the look in her eyes. It was truly blood-curdling." In the end, the woman left with both her food and a refund. 

"She’s figured out how to eat for free," u/Extreme-Owl-6478 pointed out, "and she’ll keep pulling it until it stops working."

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