21 Parenting Memes and Tweets to Get You Through the Recital

It’s recital season parents and you will be forced to go to these end-of-semester performances and plays and sit through the genius of children. So while pretending to care about your kid in a tree costume and avoid other parents, we’ve gathered some parenting memes to get you through the bad singing and awkward dancing.

These memes get you and your plight. They understand that your kid will be obsessed with one food and then completely despise it out of nowhere in a move that you can only believe is to spite you. These memes show that you really don’t want to interact with other parents in real life. They're so much better online where you can silently judge them or relate to them. We relate to parents who ask if they still have to feed their 18-year-old. But we hate the ones who get caught up in a college admissions scam because they believe their daughter was too dumb to get into school.

So remember to clap when everyone claps and feign joy at the sight of the worst production of the Nutcracker any human has ever seen. At least you got these memes to get you through intermission. 

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