18 Parenting Tweets and Memes That Won’t Keep You Up

Parents, we know things are dire right now. Along with work and the daily tasks of keeping a child alive, the holidays are fast approaching with all new stressors. You have to get gifts for everybody, cook a massive meal, and placate all of your annoying family members. Also don’t forget to give your children “lasting holiday memories.” So while you juggle all of that, we’ve gathered some parenting memes and tweets for you to enjoy away from your kids and family members.

There are some great tips within this round-up like creating games for your kids to give yourself a break once in a while. One Twitter user got their kid hooked on the “pajama game” where they lay in bed watching TV and eating candy. Will it give you time to do laundry? No, but it's a quiet activity where you know where the kid is at all times. If you plan on doing any holiday baking be sure not to have your 3rd grader who has yet to learn about fractions read the instructions. Your gingerbread men will come out tasting all ginger and no bread.

Give yourself a break from sticky fingers and nosey in-laws and get into these hilarious parenting memes. 

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