20 Parenting Tweets and Memes to Enjoy During Nap Time

Parents get so few precious moments to enjoy alone. More importantly, not enough moments chuckling at other parents making jokes about their kids. It’s the right of parents to absolutely roast their children and the internet is the space for that. So while the little monster is off to a nap, get into these parenting memes to get your meme fix.

These memes get you: Learn the perfect way to describe soda from a 4-year-old (it truly is zigzaggy), cringe at weird baby names, and get a child’s review of Disney’s Wish. Today's youth may not be reading or doing their homework but they are giving detailed presentations to their parents on what they want as gifts. Two separate users posted how their kids mean business with PowerPoint. Finally, proving that no matter their age, parents will always be roasting their kids, one Twitter user shows the journal her grandmother uses to keep her thoughts in order. The thought? How annoying her daughter is.

Hide from your kids and get into these delightful tweets and memes that won’t interrupt you.

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