Passive Aggressive Manager Tries to Bully Employee Into Quitting – They Get a Raise Instead

It helps to know your employee's pay structure before you try and punish them with overtime work. That's what one bad boss attempted in India, only to find out a full year later that the employee had been gladly working the paid overtime hours, and using them to make bank. 

When a social media friend reached out to a part-time worker to join her company, the worker was suspicious. After learning more about the offer, they realized that it was not significantly better – especially in regards to work-life balance – than their current position. But after turning down the offer, the company eventually reached back out; this time with a higher proposed salary and significant overtime compensation to make up for any work-life balance infringements. After accepting the offer, the friend learned that her new recommended employee was already making more than her, and became jealous. But while she knew the base salary, she didn't bother to check on the broader pay structure. 

Attempting to punish her new worker for their higher salary, she quickly began forcing them to consistently work late. Unbeknownst to her however, the employee was more than happy to do the extra work, and make plenty of extra money. Queue the surprised Pikachu face when the boss found out. 

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