24 People Share How They Knew They Were Being Cheated On

There are few feelings worse than getting cheated on. Still, it's better to know than live a lie, and these people shared the red flags that set them off to their partners' infidelity.

If you are in a serious relationship, then it can be hard to explain prioritizing time spent away from your significant other. Long walks at night, consistently staying late at work, and other "time deflections" were tip-offs for many people in this gallery, especially when it came to holidays, birthdays, or other events that would normally be shared in a healthy relationship. Bedroom inconsistency was another red flag, and a few people described experiencing their partners go through intense hot and cold spells; both emotionally and physically. One moment is like a honeymoon, the next a cold shoulder that "needs space." What that translated to was "time spent in affair," and "time spent trying to internally atone for affair."

But while some partners had to recognize clues, others had the job done for them. One guy even sat with his girlfriend's parents while she went on a date with another man. Can you get more brazen than that? Hopefully you'll never have to deal with infidelity in your relationships, but if you're suspicious, look for some of these red flags. 

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