20 People Share the Most Surreal Experience They've Ever Had

Everybody sees things from time to time that they can't explain, but some incidents stick out more than the rest. These people from Ask Reddit decided to share the most surreal experiences they've ever had, both explainable and not. 

One man described leaving work late at night after closing shop, and seeing a lone dog illuminated by a street lamp across the street. As he watched, the street lamp flickered off, making the dog disappear completely. After crossing the street to try and find the dog, it appeared as if it had completely disappeared. As he walked home, he described feeling as if he had just witnessed something supernatural, like witnessing a being of a higher power, or like he was the main character at the start of a fantasy epoch. 

He wasn't the only one to see an apparent disappearing dog. In a much more traumatic event, a woman described seeing a dog run out in front of her car. Unable to stop in time, she felt the significant bump as she hit it. Distraught, she immediately stopped the car to check for the dog and assess the damage to her car. Except, both were nonexistent. Hopefully this means she didn't actually hit a dog. 

Read about those surreal experiences, and others in this surprising gallery. 

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