22 People Share Their Weird Jobs That Actually Pay Well

What if you've never even heard of your future dream job? These people are making serious dough doing things you've probably never thought of trying. 

Although many of these jobs might be positions that have never even occurred to you, they all make sense, and boil down to two simple principles: Have a unique skill, or do something in demand; preferably both. If you can pull that off, then you too might be able to have the life of an ice sculptor or ice pilot. (No, they're not related even though they both involve ice.)

If you're willing to devote years of your life perfecting the craft of ice sculpting, then I think you deserve to make some money off of it. And if you have trained to earn a rare certification that lets you pilot vessels through the arctic, then you too deserve to have a "sick work-life balance."

Personally, I'd prefer being "the nose" of a candle-making company, or the official taste tester for a beer company. But unfortunately for the person with that job in this gallery, it's for Heineken. 

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