23 Perfectly-Crafted Insults People Will Never Forget

The sign of a well-crafted insult lies in whether the verbal assault makes you gasp dramatically or clutch your non-existent pearls by its sheer audacity.

A recent Twitter thread encouraged users to share the insult that they would never forget. Some shared personal anecdotes of the internet violence lodged at them. One man insulted another user by editing one of their selfies and writing their grievance on his lengthy forehead. He even had enough room to wish him a Happy New Year. Some shared phrases that have forgotten origins but the burn was so creative that it stood the test of time. No one on the internet will forget the time a woman responded to an annoying guy by saying he looked like he “snuck on earth.” And then there's Azaelia Banks, patron saint of verbally abusing people on the internet. Azealia Banks logs on with her pocket thesaurus and beautifully crafts insults to whoever is annoying her at any given moment. Her rebuttal to an Instagram hate comment is the Hall of Fame of Burns.

Scroll down and watch people get utterly flamed by only words and hate in the opponent's heart.

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