28 Dense Posts From People Born Before 1964

Despite what she might think, Grandma has a ways to go before she figures out how to "Facebook." And when it comes to differentiating the propaganda sludge that fills her feed from actual news, well, she doesn't have enough years left for that.

Plenty of younger people were reminded this past weekend why they don't like traveling to see their grandparents. After spending Thanksgiving listening to them rant and rave about the state of the government, 5G, vaccine disabilities, space lasers, fake news, and "this new generation that just doesn't want to work anymore," I'm sure plenty of younger people felt like it was time to take away more than just grandpa's keys. 

This gallery is full of people born before 1964, or Boomers as some like to call them, posting questionable memes, quotes, and complaints online. It's quite staggering that your uncle Jeff still thinks he'll get what he's looking for when he types "attractive women" into the "What's on your mind?" Facebook prompter. I guess in a way, that's exactly what's on his mind.

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