20 Punny Dad Jokes to Pull Your Finger

There are two types of people in this world, punny people and everyone else.

Dad jokes and puns don’t have a great rep. And it’s for good reason, the appropriate response to hearing a pun is groaning and rolling your eyes (affectionately of course). For the real pun haters of the world, I'm sorry to say that it will never truly die. But we can weaponize dad jokes and puns to playfully annoy all of our loved ones. So get out of that group chat, because we've gathered some of the corniest and most annoying dad jokes and puns the internet has to offer.

Wordplay about childbirth, the airport, and even non-binary gender identity are all fair game in the punny world. Nothing will get the workplace meeting or dinner table laughing like pretending you're utterly stupid.

Even if you despise dad jokes (or your own dad), there is at least one pun below that won’t make you cringe. But all the ones that do are perfect to send to the friend or family member currently bothering you. 

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