18 r/Money Flexers Who Desperately Need a High Yield Saving Account

Flexing is an art that dates well before the internet. When the Model T came out you know a man named Eugene was riding around town with it flexing at all the lowlifes still using horse and carriage. We used to literally carry our wealth with us in small sacks to walk around town. Now with Reddit, people use the subreddit r/money as a place to flex, as god intended.

Of course, flexing a huge stack of cash is not the only thing people post on r/Money. There are many posts about collecting old coins. And there are discussions on the subreddit on how to get your bread up. But those wholesome posts pale in comparison to an 18 year old spreading out his summer work money all over his bed along with a screenshot of his stocks.

We at eBaum's World usually encourage others to not pocket watch but if you’re already putting it on display we may as well scroll down and witness the flexing. Get your money up and not your funny up!

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