20 Relationship Memes and Tweets to Help You Feel Lonely

The Halloweekend is over and girlfriends everywhere can take a breath after orchestrating a whole couple’s costume by themselves. Put your feet up, ladies! You successfully got your boyfriend to comply with being the bone to your dog or the Ken to you Barbie. I know how hard it was to put that grown man in a wig. And props to the guys keeping that itchy thing on for most of the night.

While you all rest up (or get back to work), here is a gallery of relationship memes and tweets to help you come together. While some people did classic couples costumes, some needed to ask themselves if the characters they were dressed up as should be making out (we’re looking at you Maia Mitchell and Rudy Mancuso). Scroll down and see the best couples' costume ideas the timeline has to offer like

Dakota Johnson and Ellen Degeneres and Jim Jones and the Kool-Aid Man. If you really wanted to heat up Halloween, you could be U.S. Representative Lauren Boebert and Beetlejuice. There’s still time!

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