'Remember Me?': Terrible Coworker Sabotages Employee, Gets Him Fired, He Then Interviews Her Years Later for Another Job

If revenge is a dish best served, then this one "was many years in the freezer."

When one salesman got stuck working with an insufferable coworker, he had no idea that it would end in theft, a firing, prison time, and lawsuits between the two of them. But somehow all of that came to be, along with the pair's standard constant arguments. 

The drama began during a delivery of expensive rings, over $5,000 worth, which mysteriously went missing after the salesman handed them off. Unfortunately, that mistake wound up costing him his job. But while he proceeded to land a better job with more enjoyable coworkers elsewhere, his friend from the old position learned of the rings' true fates; stolen by coworker enemy number one. Realizing he'd been framed, the salesman pressed charges and filed a lawsuit, as did the store. 

Many years later, and with the entire incident well in his rearview mirror, the now sales manager came across a familiar resume on his desk during a job search and decided to have some fun. Spoiler alert, the deceitful scheming ring thief did not get the job. "I'm sorry. I do not think you would be a good fit for our company." 

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