Revenge of the Week: Insurance Company's Private Detective Attaches Illegal Tracker to Dude's Truck, So He Sends It to Cartel Controlled Mexico

Working for a car mechanic shop, Reddit user ZZZ-Top was used to driving around in half-dead trucks. Why buy brand new company vehicles when you have the expertise to repair $400 ones from the junkyard? But when the shop's insurance company got wind that there was a possible stolen motor in ZZZ's truck, they decided to engage in a little under-the-table action themselves. 

"It was replaced with what we and the cops later found out to be a stolen one," he wrote. "The engine came through a remanufactured engine supplier so as far as we know it's on that company and the insurance."

Noticing a clean spot on his typically dirty truck, ZZZ discovered a secret GPS tracker attached and realized he was being monitored by the insurance investigators. Knowing he was just a few weeks away from switching trucks anyhow, he decided to have some fun with it. "My friend took the truck into the most cartel-infested place in Sonora and disabled it there."

It didn't take long before he was confronted by the not-so-discreet private detective. If you're going after a legally acquired engine, maybe don't do so with illegal methods yourself. 

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