Saturday Morning Randomness: 23 Fresh Pics and Memes For Exquisite Minds

It's the Saturday before Christmas, which might be the most exciting Friday of the year. Are you ready to take four days off, open presents, drink alcohol, eat food, and see family that you're actually fond of? Of course, you are, but no matter how good that feels, these 23 memes are still going to make your day

We all use our phones way too much these days, but quite rarely to actually call anyone. Who would I want to speak to someone when I can type for two seconds and avoid any kind of human interaction altogether? Then when they pretend like they never saw it, I can go about hating them without either of us ever having to talk to each other at any point during the demise of our friendship. So when the phone rings, I don't answer. 98% of the time it's a spam call anyway, and I have to sit there and wait for it to stop ringing before I can do anything again. But God forbid I hang up early, and whoever is doing the calling actually knows I don't want to talk to them. If you relate to that meme on a phone addict and socially anxious level, then there's a meme in here for you. 

If not, then you should still check out 22 more Saturday morning memes that will make your day.

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