30 Spotify Wrapped Memes Judging Your Taste in Music

It's the best day of the year for annoying music lovers! Spotify Wrapped Day where Spotify users get their listener data fed back to them by the app. Should we at all be worried that this company has collected so much of what we listen to and when? Nah, they package it with pretty colors so it’s all cool. And despite being the person who listened to all of this music, everyone gets so surprised by what their top songs and artists are every single year.

Also every year there's something about the Spotify Wrapped presentation that gets inevitably made fun of and meme’d. This year, Spotify decided to segregate the gays. As a part of Wrapped, Spotify added “sound towns,” showing the user where other people who share the same music taste live. But only 3 towns showed up for LGBTQ Spotify listeners, Burlington, Vermont; Berkeley, California; and Cambridge, Massachusetts. All gay places. (And if you needed a helpful guide; Berkeley=Gay, Burlington=Lesbian, and Cambridge=Bisexual.)

Is this Spotify’s ploy to encourage all the gays to go to three specific hubs in the states to be targeted? Keep the conspiracies coming and get into these hilarious Spotify Wrapped tweets and memes. 

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