'This Is Worthless': Starbucks Acknowledges Employee's "Not Unnoticed Hard Work" With an Unchanged Rate of Pay

This Starbucks employee got a friendly card praising their work before the holiday season, but it didn't come with its implied gift. 

If your employer sends you a handwritten note complimenting you on "all your hard work," stating that it "doesn't go unnoticed," then you might expect something in compensation as a reward. Especially when that letter comes accompanied by a pay slip showing your old pay rate, and space for a new and improved one. Except for this unfortunate Starbucks worker named Angel, their pay remained painfully unchanged at a measly $15 an hour. 

Originally posted by Angel on their Twitter account @enbyourself last year, the image has gone viral and appeared on subreddits such as r/antiwork and r/LateStageCapitalism, garnering much discussion. Of course, Starbucks never promised Angel a raise, and they're not entitled to give one out. Other commenters also implied that Angel seemed to have used up all of their vacation time. But at the very least, it seems wrong for an employer to send a card complimenting an employee, at the same time they remind said employee that their wages aren't changing. It's hard to imagine the letter didn't have a negative effect on motivation. 

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