21 Striking Photos of the Baltimore Bridge Collapse

Around 1:30 this morning, the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore was struck by an ailing cargo ship, causing a devastating collapse. As search and rescue operations proceed, it is still unclear exactly what the casualty toll could be, but it's not zero. Some people have already been rescued from the water. 

The Francis Scott Key Bridge crosses the Port of Baltimore, and is a major traffic point for both vehicles and cargo ships. In addition to the destruction of the roadway, the main shipping lane that supplies Baltimore and Washington DC is now blocked. 

According to the Coast Guard and NBC, the cargo ship was a "948-foot vessel named the Dali" under a Singapore flag, and was on its was to Colombo, Sri Lanka. There were reportedly multiple power outages on the boat, causing the crew to lose control at the worst possible moment. Those power outages are visible in videos of the accident. 

As the sun rose, striking images of the disaster's aftermath flooded the news and social media. This is a collection of a few of those photos. Hopefully search and rescue crews can work their magic, and casualties in this shocking incident are kept to a minimum. 

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