Kentucky High School Student Shares the Most Disgusting School Lunch Burger of All Time

Anyone who's ever had to eat a public school lunch in the United States knows that there aren't any Micheline Stars handed out in those kitchens. Still, if you dare venture past the classic pizza slice and chocolate milk box combo, ideally you'll get something a little better than this godforsaken excuse of a burger. 

"Delicious school burger," the high school student u/Juggerlugger sarcastically posted on the r/School subreddit. "Yum." The photo of his charred patty racked up over 1,000 upvotes, before getting shared on the larger r/mildlyterrifying page. Jugger is a 10th grader and revealed to eBaum's World that the burger comes courtesy of the Kentucky public school system. "People have complained," he said. "They just say it’s bc the budget and taxes."

As bad as the burger looks, many commenters revealed that the disgusting spots are just the result of overheating a frozen patty. "It's bubbles from the fat cooking," one person wrote. "Not that big of a deal."

Still, looking forward to lunch is a huge part of any high schooler's day, and that is not the food to help create our next generation of leaders. When asked if his lunch was often this bad, Jugger responded simply, "Sometimes, like the chicken Alfredo that’s stuck to the bowl it comes in." I don't know if I want to see a picture of that. And when asked if he ate the burger pictured in his post, he responded saying, "Nah, I threw it out."

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