Sunday Morning Randomness: 33 Fun Randoms That Don't Insist Upon Themselves

Peter Griffin might have been on to something when he offered up his much-quoted critique of the iconic movie The Godfather. "It insists upon itself." While Peter might not have had a clue what the phrase actually means, it's true that most of modern media can feel like it's taking itself too seriously. Fortunately, that's not a problem for these fun pics, memes, and tweets, as they offer up a bit of fun with every click of the mouse. 

A Dallas grocery store is making the news for an impressive new Guinness record; the largest-ever fruit display. The store amassed a collection of 300,000 avocados, and a photo of the display has circulated around the internet as shocked viewers struggle to reckon with that much guac-making potential. Not only does the record seem like a huge possible waste of food, but wouldn't any fruit farm be able to break it whenever they wanted?

See that pic and more in this collection of Sunday morning randoms that don't insist upon themselves. 

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