Sunday Morning Randomness: 38 Fresh Pics and Memes to Batten Down the Hatches

If you normally feel sad on Sundays, then this is your lucky break! Thanks to the incredible legacy of one Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., I'm willing to bet you have tomorrow off, and you can spend that time sitting on the couch watching Duck Dynasty re-runs and slamming enough Busch Lights to make them at least a little bit heavy. I'm sure that's exactly what Dr. King would have wanted you to do with your free time anyway.

Perhaps you could slam those beers on your front deck, and thanks to the top post on the r/decks subreddit this week, we've found the perfect one for you to do it on. "Anyone want to hang this weekend, I'm grilling on my deck," one guy tweeted over the picture of a slim wooden level supported by two individual skinny posts. "Where did they get a 4x4 that long?" one person asked on r/decks, "thats like a whole tree." I don't want to know, and I definitely don't want it supporting my hot tub party. 

Speaking of dude stuff, many women are just now discovering Stephen A. Smith, with one even dubbing him the "Wendy Williams" of men. I'd say Wendy has better odds of picking the next Super Bowl champion. Enjoy these randoms on your day off. 

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