Sunday Morning Randomness: 44 Trending Pics and Memes to Waste Time With

It's Sunday, and you deserve to enjoy the last day of your weekend before you're forced back to work like the capitalist slave you are. To help you do that, here are 44 Sunday randoms

If you like puzzles, then I'm sure you're familiar with the New York Times online games. It all began with "Wordle," the viral five-letter word guessing game that had the whole world obsessing over streaks and letter frequency techniques. Then the MLB faces grid grasped the attention of baseball fans, and more grids like the movie grid quickly followed. Now, "Connections" is one of the most popular online puzzles, but unlike the others, it's up to the editors to make it consistently good, and often times it's not. Alternating between ridiculously easy and arbitrarily hard, "Connections" can be quite funny, as shown in a tweet where the word "Hippo" is matched with "Legend" and "Handsome," in a category based on words that begin with body parts. "Did a hippo write this?" 

After you finish these fun pics memes and tweets, you might as well head on over to the New York Times digital puzzle section, since it makes a great addition to any Sunday and that's what you're having. 

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