Monday Morning Randomness: 50 Fun Randoms To Start the Week

No matter how bad things got last night, rest assured you're in good hands with these 50 fun pics, memes and tweets. You might have a hungover day today, but you'll be all set for work tomorrow to make money for those all important shareholders. 

In one of the most popular tweets of the week, one woman recounted signing up for a community college class in hopes of learning something new and having some fun, only to come face to face with one of the most irrationally hard-nosed professors you'll ever hear of. She shared bits and pieces of his alleged 60 page syllabus to Twitter, which detailed the professor micromanaging exact notebooks, pencils, pencil lead, note-taking style, and much more for each of his students. His class's first reading included a complete collection of all of his Rate My Professor reviews, the vast majority of which were predictably poor. We've all come up against some stuck up teachers, but not even Paul Giamatti's character in The Holdovers can hold a candle to this guy. 

Fortunately these fun randoms aren't here to micromanage you, and you can enjoy them at any pace you please. They're not required reading, although we'd appreciate if you treated them as such. There will be more tomorrow; enjoy!

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