Sunday Morning Randomness: 55 Fun Randoms in an XL Batch

There's only one day left for you to enjoy this weekend, so get it off to a good start by clicking through this fun and extra-large gallery of memes, tweets, and pictures.

There's no question that Anya Taylor-Joy is a talented actress, and I'd say she's even underrated for her sneakily long and influential collection of parts. That being said, she's always faced criticism for her unique look; something that has continued in a recent series of tweets about her role in The Menu. While The Menu is definitely a good movie and she is good in it, as one Twitter user put it, "Anya Taylor-Joy is the least convincing poor person I have ever seen. Most born-rich looking human possible." While Taylor-Joy isn't quite as nepo-baby as plenty of other Hollywood stars, she does come a family with a millionaire businessman dad. Twitter also came after her for her cheeseburger-eating technique in the film, which seems quite inexperienced. 

At the very least her casting wasn't as controversial as whoever plays Paul McCartney in his upcoming Beatles biopic. "No man in the current day could eyes so delicate," one person tweeted. "A woman should play Paul." 

See those tweets and more in this large gallery of Sunday Funday randoms. 

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