Sunday Randoms: 31 Pics Memes and Tweets to Fight the Scaries

Just because you have to go back to work tomorrow, doesn't mean you can't enjoy today with some funny pics memes, and tweets

If you need inspiration, just look to George Santos, who was expelled from Congress on Friday after a 311-114 vote, and showed up to what was effectively his professional funeral in a spiffy black trench coat. He didn't let his pending doom stop him from having some fashion fun, and you shouldn't let the end of the weekend keep you from enjoying some funny pics and memes. Santos is facing "allegations that he had deceived his donors, filed false campaign statements and used campaign money to fund his lavish lifestyle," as NBC puts it, but maintained his innocence. Santos is the first member of Congress in modern American history to be expelled before an actual federal conviction; a fact he claims sets "a new, dangerous precedent." Even without his alleged crimes, Santos hardly seems like somebody fit for office. 

So even though George Santos is not an inspiration, let his unflappable faith in himself, his innocence, and his image inspire you to do what you love today before it's too late, and you have to head back to work. 

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