Tax Professional Suspended for Company's Own Mix-Up Steals Its Customers, and Leaves Them to Rot

If you're going to suspend an employee, it's best to make sure that you have a backup plan in place when they don't come back. That's what happened to a new Walmart location of a tax service when they decided to suspend their only full-time employee because of their own mix-up. The result? Literally nobody to work the store. 

After passing all of her tax classes with flying colors, it was time for this leading tax service to give u/TheVaneja more responsibility, as she recounted on the r/MaliciousCompliance subreddit. Selected by her boss to headline a new Walmart location, she was excited for the opportunity and performed well out of the gates. That is, until her boss failed to find a replacement for her pre-scheduled time off. The result? A suspension for a "no call no show" that wasn't her fault.

Instead of begging forgiveness, Vaneja decided to accept her suspension, and not look back. Returning to the location to check on the store, she soon realized there was nobody to take her place. Eventually, she landed a new job and never heard from the tax service again. Who knew companies would put their petty schedule games over the cost of an entire new Walmart location?

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