TGIF: 21 Work Memes to Laugh at On Your Break

Congrats, you survived the work week! Disregarding however low your work quality this week has been, at least you are still employed. George Santos can’t say that. So before you embark on a weekend of wild debauchery (or quiet wholesomeness), here are some work memes to get you to laugh at your circumstances.

Retail workers are going through a lot this holiday season with all the pranking teens and crotchety old ladies. Now there's discourse on whether self-checkout as a concept is bad. Old people think it’s bad because they desperately need a warm body scanning their items to complain to. And others dislike self-checkouts because it decreases the earning potential of in-store employees. But to old people, the grocery store is a stage, and the awkward cashier in their early 20s is a captive audience.

And if you already think companies are out of their minds, Revolve decided to send a marketing email that tricks its email list into thinking their PTO was approved. Revolve is engaging in some risky waters by messing with young fashionable women and their vacations.

Take your 15 early and enjoy some work memes while you ignore your annoying coworkers. It’s the weekend after all, so you don’t have to see those suckers for two whole days!

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