The 20 Most Popular Colorized Historical Photos of the Year (So Far)

We're already almost done with the first month of 2024, but history moves slowly, and we have plenty of time to take a look back at our favorite historical photos of 2023. Specifically, r/ColorizedHistory's top 20 posts of the year. History photos take on a whole new layer once colorized, and thanks to modern techniques, we have the power to do it more realistically than ever before. 

The very last photo in this gallery shows Harry Hudec, a 508th HQ Parachute Infantry Regiment and 82nd Airborne Division paratrooper in World War II. The very definition of "they don't make them like they used to," Harry stood at a towering 6' 4.5", and was his regiment's boxing champion. He jumped into Normandy on D-Day at 1:30 am, and was later wounded in the leg on June 15th. He hid on a local farm until meeting up with other Americans days later. On September 17th, he jumped again in the Ardennes. Hudec lived until the age of 85 and passed away in 2007 in Missouri. 

Thanks to this colorized photo, we can look at Harry in his full and manly glory. Check that out, along with the 19 other most popular colorized historical photos of the year. 

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