The 8 Most Feared Fighters to Ever Step On a Battlefield

For as long as humanity has existed, we have fought wars. The victors have shaped history, society, and technology, and the losers have been forced to concede everything from land to slaves. Being good at war has been a necessary skill in surviving as a people, and for that you need warriors. These fighters are some of the most feared of all time, and whether generals or hand-to-hand combatants, you wouldn't want to face off against them on the battlefield. 

The "white death" is a sinister name on its own, and any soldier with a nickname is usually a formidable opponent, but Finnish sniper Simo Häyhä took things to the next level. With the most confirmed sniper kills ever at 505, Simo helped Finland repel waves of Soviet soldiers during World War II, and legend has it his presence deterred entire platoons from advancing. He accomplished all of this using a rifle that didn't even have a scope. 

Read about Simo Häyhä and seven of the other deadliest warriors of all time right here. 

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