The Best Relationship Memes, Posts and Tweets of the Week (October 10, 2023)

Dating and relationships in the 2020s are a bit rougher than you can imagine.

Let’s face it, the dating arena is extremely dire these days. You have some men opting for A.I. girlfriends, gym bros who can't take rejection, and cringe-worthy proposals that make you think: Why should anyone be in a relationship? But it’s not just single people, even happy couples get dogged on for the criminal offense of being too sickly happy on the internet.

So before going all in on cuffing season, really evaluate if you are ready to attach yourself all fall and winter long. I know you want a cutie to cuddle up with during cold nights and a partner for the pumpkin patch photo ops, but dating is clearly not what it used to be my friend.

 As a little reminder of the current dating game and assumed cuffed “bliss” we have compiled some relationship memes to prepare you for what you are in for before you start rebooting your Hinge and Tinder profile. 

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