The Best Revenge of the Week: Guy Soaks the Backpack of Shameless Airplane Seat-Kicker

What is it about flying that brings out the worst in people? This edition of the "week's best revenge" deals with inconsiderate airline passengers, and there might not be a group more deserving of payback. 

Earning himself the top post of the week on the r/PettyRevenge subreddit, Striking-Factor5289 told a succinct story about a shameless seat kicker. After asking the mid-20s man multiple times to stop, the only response he got was some snickering from the guy and his friends. So, Striking decided to take his water bottle and slowly drip it onto the man's backpack under his seat, until half the bottle was gone. Harmless, but perfect revenge. 

In response to the story, a few other users shared their own techniques in dealing with annoying passengers, including hair drapers and other kickers. After one hair draper told the person behind her to "deal with it," he decided to take her advice and get his food all over it. Another person found their stuff zip-tied to their seat. Everything would be better if we just treated each other with respect on flights, but since that will never happen, it's time to beat these pests at their own game with some petty revenge. 

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