The Faces of 10 People Struggling to Merge Onto the Freeway

Jake Wolfert is a photographer who uses his camera to document the Los Angeles area, specifically from a driving and urban planning lens. He uses his artistry to combine the gritty beauty of the concrete playground with useful critiques of its design. 

In 2022, he posted a series of 10 photographs showcasing drivers struggling to merge onto the 110 South highway in Highland Park, straining their necks to see past the blind entrance. The 110 is a consistent subject for him. 

"People on the Avenue 52 on-ramp attempting to merge onto the 110 South in Highland Park," he wrote on his Instagram. "The Arroyo Seco Parkway section of the 110 freeway has blind curves and notably short on/off ramps because it’s the first freeway in the US and was built before cars got fast."

His other photos along the 110 feature roadside memorials and past highway dangers that have since been corrected, like an old blind exit ramp in this gallery.

"The original Fair Oaks Avenue offramp still exists. The position on a blind curve caused several fatal collisions and the offramp was moved about a mile up the road."

Wolfert's entrance ramp photos went viral in a recent Tweet from @liabayasir, and it's nice to see his work and message get the recognition it deserves. 

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