20 of the Funniest Tweets From This Week

If you find yourself confused about Twitter’s current algorithm or why you keep getting sponsored posts that just say “Hi, How are you,” we’re here to help you curate a much better Twitter experience. The weirdos are still on Twitter and this round-up of the funniest tweets of the week will give you their dumbest thoughts.

This week was extra weird and wild (the best combination) because we had so many memes. But more importantly, the Panera Charged Lemonade has killed another person. The entire subsect of Twitter that is ADHD-having, neurotic female college students are in despair. Panera is a sacred place to a girl in her 20s and if you take away their cup of caffeinated heart killer, you’re taking away their humanity. Outside of Panera’s elixir of death, we have Jay Leno driving a Cybertruck and a porcelain juicer with many other uses. One user posted a photo of their exterminator notebook that they left. The important notes? Oh, just a beautiful drawing of a rat. At least he recognizes the enemy.

Take a break and learn what the cool kids are tweeting about. (I use the term cool kid very loosely.)

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