Coquette Girlies Are Putting Bows On Everything and It Is Delightfully Unhinged

The Lana Del Rey stans on TikTok are taking their devotion to the “coquette” aesthetic to new heights.

If any of those words sounded like madlibs here's your explainer. The “coquette” aesthetic is a hyper-feminine style trend inspired by Lana Del Rey’s music. Simply, it's pink bows and ribbons.

But coquette is not just a dress style, it's a way of life. Over on Pinterest, photos of baked goods wrapped in bowls have been popular. Well, of course, the TikTok girlies saw that and decided to go even more ridiculous in making their everyday life “coquette.” One user put a bow on her bowl of mac and cheese and the app was never the same again. Now we have, corndogs, pickles, vapes, and Plan B wrapped in pretty little bows.

Life is so hard these days, it wouldn’t hurt to make the ugly parts a little more soft and feminine. A regular WingStop order is sad with the drab packaging. One little pink bow is all you need to transform a fast food dinner into a scene out of a Sofi Coppola joint. 

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