The 25 Most Evil Corporations in History and Their Crimes Against Humanity

Most of us know conceptually that many big businesses have some questionable practices, but we try not to think about it. Did the gas we just put in our car ruin an ecosystem? Was our new jacket sewn together by slaves? Was our iPhone built in a sweat shop? Even if the answer is yes, there's not much we can do about it. For every bad corporation we know, there are others hiding behind smiling advertisements and clever PR who are doing the same things. But these companies might just be a smidge worse than the rest. 

If you were asked to name a bad company, you very might well name Nestle, and they definitely make this list. Not only are they in the process of charging African communities for water, but they sold dangerous baby formula to mothers, which in turn harmed those babies, and made them reliant on said formula. It's hard to think of something more objectively evil than that. 

Read about Nestle, and these other evil corporations from throughout history right here. 

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