20 of the Wildest Headlines of the Week

While you’ve probably consumed the “important” news from this week, you’re missing a crucial component of your media diet — outrageous news stories that you can't believe are real.

These are your insane mugshots and Florida Man thieves. They seem like news stories you shouldn’t care about but actually, it’s the news you should care the most about. What else do you send to the group chat to have an informed discussion about a pig arrested named Alber Einswine? What else do you bring up at a party where you awkwardly have to create conversation out of thin air? These wild stories are the lifeblood of our society. You need to have “Activist Nuns Sues Gun Maker” in your memory for the rest of your life. You may forget your grandchildren's names at the end of your life but you will never forget the time you read that a BBC presenter had to apologize for doing the middle finger accidentally on air.

Get into these insane headlines and be up to date on the news. 

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