The Worst Bad Bosses of the Week October 16, 2023

There are as many bad bosses as there are jobs to be had. Here are this week's worst. 

Good bosses listen to their employees, respect their boundaries, respect their time, and trust the workers they helped hire to do the job they helped hire them for. Unfortunately for the employees involved in these stories, these bosses do anything but. Featured here is a "boss' day," the greatest holiday fear for any employee, and a worker forced to cover for her drug-doing manager. 

For "boss' day," one worker got pressured into spending money on a gift card for their boss. I'm not sure if you all know how jobs work, but the company is supposed to pay you, not the other way around. At least this boss doesn't sound like they were expecting much. A different employee reached their breaking point and sent a letter to their CEO, exposing a drug-doing manager for stealing their work. But it turns out, the CEO was involved too. 

Throw in the AirBnB boss trying to find work for the employees he just laid off, and you have the winner of this week's stacked bad boss competition. At least those people have the inside scoop for beds they can sleep in. 

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