'We Got Scammed': Poor Couple Go Viral After Sharing Their Atrocious Wedding Photos

Marriage is supposed to be "till death do us part," but this couple's viral wedding photos are not standing the test of time. 

Like a first impression, you get one chance at a wedding. Well, one where everyone likes you anyway. And for such a once-in-a-lifetime occasion, saying "I do" to the right photographer is almost as important as saying "I do" to the right person at the altar. Unfortunately for Reddit user u/CptJaxxParrow, he was only one for two with those decisions. 

In what he describes as "a normal wedding with a nontraditional color palette" at the Poe Museum in Virginia, the stage was set for a truly awesome and unique wedding photoshoot. Instead, he got what one commenter described as "Vampire Prom."

Posting 11 of the photos to the sizable r/pics subreddit, the pictures quickly went viral to the tune of 30.7 thousand upvotes and counting. "As a photographer, this person has never shot with a real camera before," one person noted.

According to a few of CptJaxxParrow's own comments, the photographer came as a friend and recommendation from his mother-in-law, who paid him an undisclosed amount on top of a $1,000 contribution from the couple. "All around just poor communication," he wrote, "trusting someone who she thought was a friend, and likely falling victim to a scam."

Most importantly, however, the wedding itself went off without a hitch. "Everything else at the wedding was a wild success though! We had a great time!" Leave it to the Poe Museum to give its photos a deathly twist. 

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