'They Know They Are Paying Cheap Rent So They Don’t Complain': Tenant Documents Enraging Text Messages With Negligent Landlord

HQ Trivia host and Les Miserables Broadway actor Sarah Pribis decided to put her cheap landlord on blast by sharing a series of her infuriating text exchanges. Covering topics like encouraging her to move out, complaining, and refusing to turn the heat on, this sorry excuse for a New York City landlord is now facing the internet's wrath. 

The landlord delivers egotistical lines like "Maybe you can rent a nicer apartment," "You're the only one in the building that's complaining," and "They know they are paying really cheap rent so they don't think it's right to complain every second day." The TikTok has reached 22 million views, and Pribis has even released a part two, where she answers questions, shows off a suspicious security camera, and reveals that she is paying $2,472 a month in rent. That doesn't sound like "cheap rent," worthy of not turning the heat on to me. 

"So nice of him to leave you a text trail like that," cmarie90232 commented. "Turning the heat on/off whenever he feels like it is so inhumane," Socratesha B. agreed. Unfortunately, this isn't the first bad landlord in New York City, and he won't be the last. But thanks to rent stabilization, Sarah doesn't have to move anywhere if she doesn't want to. 

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