Thirsty Thursday: 33 Random Memes, Tweets, and Pics

If you're suffering from funny meme and pic dehydration, then you've come to the right place to quench your thirst. These 34 flashy and thorough randoms have the liquidity to sufficiently wet your throat, and get you through the day. So come on and take a swig!

These fun and fascinating images touch on everything from the over-caffeinated Panera lemonade, to the upcoming presidential election to daylight savings time. Why is it that moving the clocks back an hour means that there is no more daylight? I remember getting out of work just a few weeks ago and doing plenty of things outside before it got dark. Now I'm sitting in a pitch-black office for hours before I even get to leave. We're not farmers anymore, can we please get daylight for more than just the commute to work? On a different note, I fully support both presidential candidates having to chug multiple Panera's Charged Lemonade before heading onto the debate stage. 

If you feel thirsty for any of those, take a drink of these 34 fun memes tweets, and pics. 

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