Thirsty Thursday: 38 Fresh Pics and Memes to Quench Your Thirst

Whet your dry pallet with a sizable swig of funny photos and memes. 

It's Thursday, and that means there's only one more day before you make it through to the weekend. You just need one more push - one more proverbial swig of coffee so to speak - to get you to the finish line. For that, we've assembled a list of fun pics and memes to quench your thirst for time-consuming content. It's Thirsty Thursday; get ready to drink!

Today's concoction covers topics from work to relationships to an awesome pic of the old Air Force One. It's pretty cool to see the airplane that used to shuttle former presidents around the globe, and while it's certainly a formidable flying machine, the leap in aviation technology to today's commander-in-chief conductor is apparent. 

Do you ever get annoyed with your wife for leaving her hair everywhere? Well, we've got you covered for that feeling on the meme front, with the classic bros grasping hands format. Is that hair you're pulling off of yourself your wife's, or your cat's? Who cares, it's definitely not your own. On that disgusting note, get ready to chug these 38 memes and pics for Thirsty Thursday. 

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