Throwback Thursday: 20 Memes and Tweets That Are a Wave of Nostalgia

Something people forget during the holidays is that it’s not just a time to commune with family. It’s also a time to have an intervention with your hoarder parents or grandparents. There is a can of beans from the Bush administration and a cabinet filled with novelty cups that contain a monstrous amount of lead and cadmium.

So for this Throwback Thursday, we’re focusing on all the things that you’ll excavate from the depths of your childhood bedroom. There's an old-school radio with 10,000 layers of dust waiting for you. There is also you’re old mp3 player with an exciting and futuristic, 1 GB of storage. Reminisce about all the old video games you played and all the commercials you sat through in your childhood home. The holidays are a time of regression. After two days back in your childhood bedroom, you might as well be 12 again.

Scroll down and flashback to simpler times yelling at your mom for more pizza rolls and playing Goldeneye.

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