Thursday Morning Randomness: 40 Trending Pics and Memes to Get You Going

Holiday vacations are over, and unfortunately, that means it's time to go back to work. But while this week is quite possibly the year's most downtrodden, these 41 funny tweets and opportune pics are here to lighten your mood, just like they did for your darkest days in 2023.

If you need something to get excited about, at the time of writing, the Jeffrey Epstein client list is set to drop any second, and is "ready to go" according to Arick Fudali; the lawyer for some of his victims. Fudali even stated he’s “not sure what they’re waiting for.” While much of the list is already known, other new and prominent names are likely to make an appearance, with rumors suggesting former President Bill Clinton will be among them. "They're teasing it like it's an album," one tweet in this gallery jokes. 

Donald Trump, Robert F. Kennedy Jr, Bill Gates, and many more are suspected to feature on the list. However, making this does not mean being implicated in any wrongdoing. The elite circle of the world is small, and it makes sense that other members were associated with him in some way. So check out a tweet on that, and 40 other fun randoms to improve your back to work week. 

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