23 Fails and Facepalms to Stink Up Your Feed

Although we don't often think of them this way, corporations have been just as trashy as people for a long time. This past week, a few of them were nabbed for it. 

If you were going to start a cruise ship company with the goal of taking people around the world for three years straight, what would be the first thing you'd do? If you answered, "Find a boat, because that sounds like a unique challenge requiring a specific state-of-the-art vessel," then obviously you're not thinking like a capitalist, or like the executives of the "Life At Sea" cruise company. Having pitched their idea for a full-time cruise ship, customers bought tickets and flew to Turkey for the company's three-year trial debut. Except, when they got there, they discovered that there was no boat. I guess buying a boat wasn't the first thing they did. 

In other news, retailers around the country were nabbed for their fake Black Friday deals and off-brand markups. Black Friday was a failure for many stores, and fake "sales" carelessly hidden in front of identical original prices will only turn off even more buyers next year. Stay trashy Target!

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