Trashy Tuesday: 23 Pics and Memes That Belong In a Landfill

Here are almost two dozen stinky images to take out to the garbage heap. It's Tuesday, which is one of the most trashy days of the week. It doesn't quite carry with it the existential dread of Monday, but once you've lived through a work day, you have a much more real feeling of just how long the rest of the week is going to take; and the weekend is still very far away.

In honor of such a trashy day, here are 23 pics and memes of the worst garbage humanity had to offer this past week. The gallery includes people eating with their feet, smoking vapes during group wedding photos, and neighbors leaving stinky presents on ring camera videos. But really, what inspires you to walk up to your neighbor's doorbell, and drop a deuce right there? It's not the alpha move you think it is, and now your "pushing" face is on the internet for everyone to see. 

A different photo from the Facebook marketplace shows the inside of a pickup truck cab, with multiple empty tall boys in the cup holders. Better be careful not to get pulled over, because there aren't too many excuses for those. Here are 23 trashy pics and memes on Tuesday. 

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