Tuesday Morning Randomness: 26 Memes For a Pinch of Humor

Is there a better way to start your Tuesday morning than with some rambunctious memes? No there isn't, so here you go.

If you've been on the dating side of TikTok this year, then you've probably heard women talk about their "Golden Retriever" boyfriends and husbands. The Golden Retriever man is in right now, prioritizing humor, positive energy and loyalty over other qualities like ferocity, toughness or even general competency. But as with any trend, a counter trend has formed; this time from the more traditional family values crowd. 

One such couple has gone viral after the wife described her man as a "German Shepard" husband. "He's not energetic or super friendly, but he's loyal," she wrote. "He gives me tough love when I need it but will be the first to comfort me when I'm sad." In response to the post, many people pointed out that his behavior sounds cold, if not borderline abusive. The obvious solution would be to stop comparing men to dogs, and holding them accountable for their behavior both positive and negative, but this is the internet so good luck with that. Here's that meme, and 27 others to start your Tuesday.

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